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The Free Cafe is at the moment every Wednesday and Sunday at BackBone050. The address is Travertijnstraat 12, Groningen. It’s in a former school building in Vinkhuizen (“De VInkenborgh”).  You can come from 17:00 until 18:30. Find it here on the map.

At the moment there is no restaurant setting like before because of corona. We still cook, but it’s like a take-away. Please bring trays to bring the food home. There are other products too, like bread.

Backbone050 a big building, and sometimes the signs to the FreeCafe are gone. If you come in keep left. After the building you see a yard with skating attributes, there you go right. Then go through the red doors at the other side of the yard.

The photo’s down under are sometimes deprecated, we are using a room at the front now. We have some new photo’s but need to upload them…