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The FreeCafe is open as a takeaway on Wednessday, you can come between 17:30 and 18:30. And the FreeCafe is open as a restaurant at Sunday, we start at 18:00, please be in time.

The address is Travertijnstraat 12, Groningen. It’s in a former school building in Vinkhuizen (“De VInkenborgh”).   Find it here on the map. Backbone050 is a big building, and sometimes the signs to the FreeCafe are gone. After the first building (you can go around it left or right) you see a yard with skating attributes, there you go right to a red door. Then go through the red doors. When you come early for cooking, the door is sometimes closed. Please press the bell, labeled “freecafe”.

The photo’s down under are a bit deprecated. We have some new photo’s but need to upload them…