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Food Saving

Every Tuesday and Saturday (so the day before the dinner) we are saving food on the Vismarkt.
If you like to help us, send us a message ( or search for an old wooden carrier tricycle at the market.
We are saving food from ca 17.00 till 18.00.
The advantages: meet cool people, help saving the world, take some free saved veggies to your home and meet your daily movement (by walking 103832 circles at the market)

Food Preparing / Cooking

Normally you can help preparing the food, but at the moment we do not want too many people in the kitchen. Send us an e-mail if you want to cook, but the cooking teams are good filled at the moment. Every time the ingredients in the kitchen are a surprise. Sometimes there are 100 avocado’s, 50 mango’s or boxes of lettuce. In the Free Café kitchen you have to learn creative cooking skills. But if you aren’t a great chef, we are also in need of people who want to chop the veggies. We cook for +- 80 people.
The advantages: meet cool people, upgrade your cooking skills, help saving the world and secretly tests nice food while you cook.

Doing the dishes
After a great Free Café meal there is quite a mess in the kitchen. The people that are doing the dishes are the super heroes of the evening! We clean the location and doing the dishes till 20.00 or 21.00 It will be awesome if you can help us!
The advantages: meet cool people, upgrade your cleaning skills, help saving the world and be the super hero of the evening.